Sudip Roy has over 20 years of experience in the media Industry. Along with modelling and choreographing catwalks and fashion shows for universities and charity shows, Sudip initially started his roots as a DJ and doing road shows up and down the country with UK’s number 1 Asian DJ Tony Patti (the Chris Tarrant for the Asian market) with Sunrise Radio. Thereafter taking Indian classical lessons and performing as a singer at various functions, including hosting and comparing for Bollywood shows and concerts at the likes of Wembley Arena.

Coming from a film family, Sudip’s father Mr Dilip Roy, was an assistant director and editor for various British and Hollywood productions. His father has worked on some notably prestigious films such as James Bond’s ‘Octopussy’, Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’, Merchant Ivory’s ‘Heat and Dust’ and Christopher Reeves’ The Bostonians’. Sudip’s mother Mrs Gouri Roy on the other hand is a classically trained Bharat Nathyam dancer, an actor for Indian plays/theatre and Indian films to the level of playing the lead roles and performing at notable venues such as the Wembley Conference Centre and the Royal Albert Hall.

Sudip’s vocal talents were honed in by Nadeem Hyaat who was a music producer and whom Sudip even shot a pop video as the male lead. As he grew in popularity so did his network to India and the Bollywood film industry. He joined a company called the talents academy in the UK and became a manager/talent scouter for the Indian market encouraging new talent, notably Jay Sean (international pop star), Signature (Michael Jackson duo Britain’s got talent) and Mutz (UK’s popular VJ for Zee TV) have all stemmed and been managed by Sudip from this company.

Although being British born, Sudip has a deep understanding of Indian cinema and a distinct flair to understand and grasp what the UK South Asian audience wants. This was indeed no doubt what led him to be chosen by LWT (London Weekend Television) to speak about Indian Cinema and its growth all over the world on national TV, He was appointed as their official Bollywood correspondent for the first ever IIFA awards (International Indian Film Awards) back in 2000 at the Millennium Dome.

It was during this period when Sudip was advised by his Bollywood connections to set up his own company as he was always being approached or requested to assist in production requirements, filming, providing dancers for shows, premiere’s etc. and thus RoyMedia was born.

Since then RoyMedia has been associated with ALL major Indian Television channels. Line produced for Sony Entertainment Television’s first ever Bollywood movie with honorary OBE ‘Om Puri’ (East is East). RoyMedia has worked directly with Bollywood stars and stage management for Zee TV’s (Mega Mela) for over a decade now, this normally happens annually in the UK. RoyMedia organised, Abhishek Bachchan’s, first ever UK premiere ‘Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya Hai’ Notably he is the son of India’s living legend and star of the millennium as voted by BBC viewers ‘ Amitabh Bachchan’, also the first ever Indian film star to be in Madame Tussauds. His son Abhishek has since then is now married to the famous Ashwairya Rai Bachchan(Bride and Prejudice, Provoked).

Sudip was also Production Manager for the multi award winning off beat English Film ‘I can’t think straight’, written and directed by Shamim Sharif starring Lisa Ray (Bollywood Hollywood, Water), Sheetal Seth (ABCD) and Nina Wadia (Zaynab from Eastenders)

More recently, he was asked to be the Indian Simon Cowell, and requested to talent scout up and down the country, to be the official UK judge for India’s biggest TV show on Star Plus (Hrithik Roshan’s Just Dance). Therafter Imagine’s Swayamvar series closely followed by Mallika Sherawats “The Bachelorette”.

Sudip Roy’s main strength, is his PR skills, he is a true people’s person in every sense and can communicate effectively and convincingly with everyone from CEO right down to janitor level, thus making him excel in production. Understanding the requirement from the top platform and making it happen on the ground level is most certainly his forte. His in depth knowledge not only with Indian, but world cinema, attributes to his creative connect with Directors, DOP’s and producers be it song, dance or film, his thoughts and opinions are respected and appreciated, assisting in finally creating a great product or show.

Sudip Roy and RoyMedia, is now a known name. Not only within the Indian media scene in the UK, but also with the big wigs of India and established people within the film fraternity alike.

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RoyMedia is truly your one stop shop and the fact that Sudip Roy has been around for over two decades means he is providing a service par excellence and knows his job. As a company we have recognised that the buck stops at the budget. Associated for years with the likes of Pinewood Studios, Panavision and Arri Media, not forgetting experienced freelancers in ALL sectors ensures that your company gets the very best resources and equipment available at the right price. RoyMedia prides itself as being officially one of the few recommended production companies affiliated with the UK governments official website FILM LONDON( Click here to see link ).

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