Sudip Roy has been around for over two decades, this indicates that he is providing a service par excellence and knows his job. Associated for years with the likes of Pinewood Studios, Panavision and Arri Media, not forgetting experienced freelancers in ALL sectors. Ensures that your company gets the very best resources and equipment available at the right price.

Any request is neither too big or small to handle. In an ever changing environment, we understand that it’s important to hire a company that knows the stresses and pains of the film industry and the need for change at ANY given time. Be the change in the production requirement, the accommodation, duration of the shooting schedule, etc. Roy Media’s strength is that it will manage, adapt and most importantly perform to the needs of the producer/client. As our industry relies on highly skilled individuals, taken on specifically for a job or task, citing standard rate card prices to producers for all departments is something that RoyMedia does NOT believe in doing as this adds no value to the client/producer.

Rates for services and professionals provided, i.e. accommodation, cameramen, gaffers, sparks, the hiring of venues, production teams, etc are as organic, as the season in which requested to work.

Roy Media’s quotes are all tailor made specifically in accordance to the client’s needs. Over two decades in the being business, the company has gained naturally gained a lot of goodwill over the many years in sectors within the film industry. As client or producer, can take advantage of all this local knowledge and goodwill for the benefit of your production house, for which you represent. Especially for the three most important fixed costs of ALL production houses which are

  • Accomodation
  • Transport
  • Food

  • Every other requirement is a variable for which we too, get superb rates.

    Why choose Roy Media?

    1) There are many production houses in the UK who thrive on charging the client, not only their fee for which they have been appointed but also making an extra buck the side on by gaining extra commissions through the services recommended and suggested to hire by them, thus charging YOU for the goodwill for which you’ve already thought you’ve paid for. Hence the producer NEVER gets its true value for money and a great (ROI). Roy Media charges its fee in accordance with its experience, goodwill and ability to perform. As a policy, transparency for ALL expenditure is clear Thus resulting in the producer/client getting exactly what they are paying for without compromise on the quality of the service.

    2) As Roy Media has its own paid for designated in house office and works in a tailor made fashion. The producer/client will NEVER have to pay heavy fees which normally encompass the overheads and costs of an office set up. The telephones, Internet service providers, gas, electricity, water rates and commercial business rates are NOT factored in to what Roy Media charges. These costs are all nonexistent expenses for ALL of our clients. Dependant on the size of film and project, we can and will expand the size of our office set up accordingly along with the resources required. This is mutually agreed upon with the producer/client in advance.

    3) The core Roy Media team for your initial production requirements are people whom have been working together for at least over a decade and are comfortable with each other. Clarity and understanding of everyone’s role and function within the business are defined and everybody knows their job and gets on with it extremely well. We are a very flexible team and understand the medium and its complexities for which we have to work within. Due to the smoothness and understanding of our operations are we able to perform and provide results. Is, primarily the reason why everyone is relaxed, and are able to enjoy themselves and have fun on the set during actual shoot time, resulting in a great end product.

    4) We can help and advice guide and (if necessary, if never been to the UK) hold your hands through the process in getting the relevant documentation approved and are happy to send out official letters on behalf of your production team ensuring a smoother process in obtaining the relevant UK visa’s for your Actors and crew.

    5) Once a full shooting schedule has been provided. ALL UK permissions for your filming will be comfortably managed by RoyMedia.

    6) The UK is deemed as an expensive place to shoot but due to the fantastic government’s incentives for other countries to come and film here, we can obtain certain grants and tax rebates/exceptions should your film meet the requirements in order for you to qualify which ultimately amounts to a sizeable refund. It’s the way of the UK saying it’s “Thank You” for investing into their country and providing work for British passport holders and into its service sector.

    So if your film finance is in order and your star cast is locked, 1st draft script is ready and most importantly for us your shooting schedule and scene breakdown sheets are ready.

    It’s a no brainer on who should be handling your film, you know where to come.
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    RoyMedia is truly your one stop shop and the fact that Sudip Roy has been around for over two decades means he is providing a service par excellence and knows his job. As a company we have recognised that the buck stops at the budget. Associated for years with the likes of Pinewood Studios, Panavision and Arri Media, not forgetting experienced freelancers in ALL sectors ensures that your company gets the very best resources and equipment available at the right price. RoyMedia prides itself as being officially one of the few recommended production companies affiliated with the UK governments official website FILM LONDON( Click here to see link ).

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